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In order to increase intake efficiency, the most important thing is to remove anything that could become a restriction and guide air smoothly into the engine. However, the stock air cleaner is designed to reduce intake noise and to prevent the filter from being blocked over a long period of use under a variety of conditions. This makes the stock air intake system very inefficient from a performance point of view. It is like someone running a marathon wearing a gas mask!
HKS have designed and created Super Hybrid Filter and Super Power Flow as part of its intake line-up. Super Hybrid Filter is a stock replacement type filter which uses the stock air cleaner box and replaces the filter for one which allows greater air flow thus increasing overall intake efficiency. A Super Power Flow kit removes the air cleaner box and replaces it with an open filter type assembly which is able to cope with the demands of higher levels of tuning. Although these air box replacement type intake systems are able to offer increased air intake efficiency, the maintenance cycle is shorter than that of a stock air filter and so regular maintenance is a required to maintain optimum performance.

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