Beginners guide to tuning


The most popular option when tuning the ignition system is a change of spark plugs. Spark plugs have a heat range value and generally lower values (low heat range type) are appropriate for use in lower heat conditions, however in hotter conditions, the spark plugs can cause knocking (detonation). High heat range spark plugs work well at higher temperatures but can cause weaker ignition at lower temperatures and possibly misfire. During boost up or other tuning, the explosive force within the combustion chamber is increased raising the temperature which makes it easier for knocking to occur which could lead to engine damage and so it is necessary to change to higher heat range spark plugs.
It is also important to control the timing of the ignition which is usually achieved through computer control like the fuelling. Ignition timing denotes when the fuel air mixture is combusted and the correct timing of this can vary depending on conditions. It is generally the case that earlier (advanced) ignition increases output but becomes more susceptible to knocking whereas delayed (retarded) ignition reduced the chances of knocking but also tends to reduce power and response. HKS F-CON products are able to fine tune ignition timing depending on the users needs.

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