An aggressive wide body kit, inheriting the design from the succeeding HKS continuous time attack machines


The design is based on the HKS racing style, but with a GT car design for the street. The design is designed for a vehicle that can be equipped with wide rear tires in stock condition, so it is not extremely wide, but for a vehicle that can be used for touring and sometimes for circuit driving.


Expresses strength and sharpness. Carbon is used in key areas to create a racy and luxurious feel.

Code No. Name Composition
53004-AN001 HKS BODY KIT TYPE-R Fairlady Z Base Kit ①, ②, ③, ④
53004-AN002 HKS BODY KIT TYPE-R Fairlady Z Canard
53004-AN003 HKS BODY KIT TYPE-R Fairlady Z Duck Tail

* For black gel-coated parts Paint is required.

■Product Features

●Front spoiler

The design is intended to embody the HKS racing style while still preserving the distinctive Nissan Z appearance. It features a sharp edge and follows the GT car style.

■Bottom view (pressure)

Rectifying the airflow passage, it establishes an effective approach from the front to the under-panel. This substantially alleviates pressure on the underside of the front bumper and generates downforce.

●Front Fender

The fender are crafted to replace the factory fender, eliminating the retrofit appearance.
The upper section of the fender features a pressed line, ensuring a continuous line from the door panel to the rear. Vortex generators are strategically positioned on the surface, extending from the fender to the side sills, effectively reducing driving resistance.

+12.5 mm wide on one side compared to stock

●Side Skirt

The simple side sills are designed to balance the genuine body design.
While the concept is simplicity, the side sills are designed to look different when standing on the side of the vehicle.
The barge panel, which is the identity of HKS Aero, is also set on the Z. The barge panel is designed to balance with the shape of the rear of the front fender.
The size of the panel is designed to be balanced with the rear of the front fender.

■Flow around barge panels

Fast flow is formed inside the barge panel (effect of pressure reduction in the front wheelhouse)

■Pressure in the front tire house

The canard and side barge panels also contribute to reducing overall pressure in the tire housing, resulting in increased downforce.

●Rear Fenders

As the vehicle can accommodate wide rear tires in its stock form, the design is not excessively broad but is tailored for circuit use while maintaining everyday touring functionality. The upper press line and concave shape at the rear were incorporated to provide a visually broad appearance with minimal added thickness. Press lines were introduced to the sleek design of the stock body, creating a GT car style, and the tire area was crafted to be sharp and tight. The result is a substantial visual width, reaching a remarkable +8mm per side.


While there is ample space to significantly increase the size of the vehicle within Japanese car inspection standards, the design has intentionally been enlarged to a degree that is not overly radical.

■Lateral view (Flow speed at central section)

The thickness of the low-speed area in front of the ducktail has been augmented, demonstrating the spoiler's damming effect. This has led to an increase in velocity on the underside of the vehicle, as the airflow on the top of the vehicle is redirected upward, creating a suction effect on the underside flow

●Actual driving confirmation at Fuji Speedway
~Comparing performance with and without the BODY KIT~

The difference is noticeable both with and without the BODY KIT. It enhances braking stability, suppresses understeer, and makes the vehicle's response milder. Mild understeer during entry and in corners is also diminished. Control at the limit range is gentler, making the ride more manageable. This body kit enables the driver to maintain speed in corners without compromising top speed on straights.

●Reference installation time

HKS Body Kit TYPE-R for Fairlady_Z Base Kit 10 hours
HKS Body Kit TYPE-R for Fairlady_Z Canard 1 hours
HKS Body Kit TYPE-R for Fairlady_Z Duck Tail 2 hours

●Reference tire/wheel size

  • Wheel
    Front: YOKOHAMA ADVAN Racing R6 20inch 10.5J+24 Hyper Black + 23mm Spacer
    Rear: YOKOHAMA ADVAN Racing R6 20inch 10.5J+24 Hyper Black + 27mm Spacer
  • Tire:
    Front: YOKOHAMA ADVAN NEOVA AD09 285/30R20
    Rear: YOKOHAMA ADVAN NEOVA AD09 285/30R20

*The dimensions specified conform to the SEMA 2024 Show specifications.

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