How to install with Android

Setting must be done after parking the vehicle in a safe place and letting it into an idling state.

(1) Initial Setting

  • (1) Tap a menu button on the device (Smartphone or tablet).

  • (2) Tap “Setting”

  • (3) In “Device”, select the type of OB-LINK used from “OB-LINK 001” or ”OB-LINK FA20”
(2) Log Data Setting

※Once data logging is carried out, all data logged before are deleted. Select and save the necessary log data before setting.

  • (1) Tap “Setting log”

  • (2) Enter necessary information to each item.

Setting is completed.
When 『OB-LINK TYPE-001』 or 『OB-LINK TYPE-FA20』 detects the IG-ON signal, logging automatically begins. Logging automatically ends when the IG-OFF signal is detected.

(3) Log Data Acquisition

  • (1) Tap “Getting log”

  • (2) Log data stored in OB-LINK TYPE-001 and TYPE-FA20 appear.

  • (3) Select data to acquire from log data stored in OB-LINK TYPE-001 and TYPE-FA20.
    ※Data can be selected up to 10 data. Data not selected will be deleted.
    Log data is output to “LogManager” folder in the internal storage.
(4) Log Data Display

1. Convert the log data into csv format data.

  • The csv format log data is stored in "LogManager" folder in the internal storage.
    See the data on Excel and use it as a graph.

2. Graph Display from History

  • (1) Tap “History”

  • (2) Tap the date then driving data.

  • (3) Press and hold the graph to change the item.

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