How to install with iOS

Setting must be done after parking the vehicle in a safe place and letting it into an idling state.

(1) Initial Setting
  • (1) Tap "Setting"

  • (2) In "OB-LINK type", select the type of OB-LINK used from "OB-LINK 001" or "OB-LINK FA20"

(2) Log Data Setting

※Once data logging is carried out, all data logged before are deleted. Select and save the necessary log data before setting.

  • (1) Tap "Setting log"

  • (2) Enter necessary information to each item.

Setting is completed.
When "OB-LINK TYPE-001" or "OB-LINK TYPE-FA20" detects the IG-ON signal, logging automatically begins. Logging automatically ends when the IG-OFF signal is detected.

(3) Log Data Acquisition
  • (1) Tap "Getting log"

  • (2) There are "Information" and "Log data" under this menu.


  • Information after setting.

【Log data】

  • (1) Log data stored in OB-LINK TYPE-001 and TYPE-FA20 appear.

  • (2) Select data to acquire from log data stored in OB-LINK TYPE-001 and TYPE-FA20.
    ※Data can be selected up to 10 data. Data not selected will be deleted.

  • (3) Log data is output to "tmp/data" folder.

(4) Log Data Display

1. Graph Display from History

  • (1) Tap "History"

  • (2) Tap the date then driving data.
    ※The date with "●" has data.

  • (3) Press the graph long to change the item to see.

2. Convert the driving data into a file format data.

Driving date is stored in "tmp/data" folder.
To see "tmp/data" folder, use iFunBox or a similar application.

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