Filter element for Super Hybrid Filter

Sport filter that is replaceable!

  • 70017-AK001 S size (143×256) [Dry 3 layers]

    Application Lists
    70017-AD002 70017-AH017 70017-AS004
    70017-AD003 70017-AM006 70017-AS005
    70017-AH007 70017-AN001 70017-AT012
    70017-AH008 70017-AN003 70017-AT017
    70017-AH009 70017-AN007 70017-AT018
    70017-AH010 70017-AN008 70017-AT020
    70017-AH013 70017-AS001 70017-AT023
    70017-AH014 70017-AS002  70017-AZ001
    70017-AH016 70017-AS003  

    * Green Cell items can be used without cutting.

  • 70017-AK002 M size (232×249) [Dry 3 layers]

    Application Lists
    70017-AF001 70017-AM005 70017-AT016
    70017-AH002 70017-AN002 70017-AT021
    70017-AH004 70017-AN006 70017-AT022
    70017-AH005 70017-AT002 70017-AT024
    70017-AH006 70017-AT003 70017-AZ008
    70017-AH012 70017-AT004 70017-AZ009
    70017-AH015 70017-AT007 70017-AZ010
    70017-AM001 70017-AT011 70021-LB001
    70017-AM004 70017-AT015  

    * Green Cell items can be used without cutting.

  • 70017-AK003 L size (197×345) [Dry 3 layers]

    Application Lists
    70017-AH003 70017-AT001 70017-AZ003
    70017-AH011 70017-AT005 70017-AZ004
    70017-AM007 70017-AT014 70017-AZ006
    70017-AN004 70017-AT019 70017-AZ007
    70017-AN005 70017-AZ002 70021-LW001 

    * Green Cell items can be used without cutting.

  • 70017-AK004 R type (232×345) [Dry 2 layers]


    For all types

    R type
    Better response

    Low pressure drop type
    (Do not use at desert or dust surrounded environment.)

  • How to use

    1. Remove Super Hybrid Filter from the vehicle.
    2. Disassemble frame of Super Hybrid Filter and remove the old filter.
    3. Cut the Filter Element (This item). (See the instruction on the left.)
    4. Attach the cut new filter to the frame.
    Face non weaven fabric side towards the side of frame that has the carved seal [OOOO-T]. Ensure that there is no space between them
    5. Assemble frames.
    6. Install the filter to the vehicle.

  • How to cut the filter

    a. The instruction paper has the cutting line. Check the cutting shape by checking part number of the printed instruction or comparison with the removed old filter.
    b. After confirmation of the shape, cut the instruction paper for the line.
    c. Using the instruction paper, trace the cutting line to the filter with a marker. The cutting line printed side of the instruction paper should be the side of non weaven fabric side.
    d. Cut the filter.