●HIPERMAX R Product List

Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Spring Rate F/R
N/mm (kgf/mm)
Code No. Retail Price
(w/o tax)
Launch Schedule Remarks
GR86 ZN8 FA24 21/10- F=88(9)/R=98(10) 80310-AT006 ¥278,000 AUGUST  
86 ZN6 FA20 12/04-21/10 F=88(9)/R=98(10) 80310-AT001 ¥268,000 JULY Front camber-adjustable pillow ball upper mounts.
SUPRA JZA80 2JZ-GTE 93/06 - 97/07 F=216(22)/R=157(16) 80310-AT002 ¥248,000 JULY Not available for vehicles equipped with REAS
(can be installed by removing the hydraulic system)
GR SUPRA DB42/DB02 B58 19/05- F=137(14)/R=196(20) 80310-AT003 ¥330,000 JULY  
GR SUPRA DB22 B48 20/10 -  F=137(14)/R=196(20) 80310-AT003C TBA TBD made-to-order product.
Includes suspension error canceller.
GR YARIS GXPA16 G16E-GTS 20/09- F=118(12)/R=157(16) 80310-AT005 TBA AUGUST  
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12- F=196(20)/R=157(16) 80310-AN001 ¥328,000 JULY  
SKYLINE GT-R BNR34 RB26DET 99/01-02/08 F=137(14)/R=118(12) 80310-AN003 ¥258,000 AUGUST  
SKYLINE GT-R BNR32 RB26DET 89/08-94/12 Under development 80310-AN004 TBA SEMPTEMBER  
SILVIA S15 SR20 99/01-02/08 F=98(10)/R=69(7) 80310-AN002 ¥278,000 AUGUST  
FAIRLADY Z Z34 VQ37VHR 08/12-21/09 F=157(16)/R=177(18) 80310-AN006 ¥278,000 JULY  
FAIRLADY Z Z33 VQ35DE/VQ35HR 02/08-08/11 F=137(14)/R=157(16) 80310-AN005 TBA AUGUST  
FAIRLADY Z RZ34     Under development     TBD  
CIVIC TYPE-R FK8 K20C 17/09- F=118(12)/R=98(10) 80310-AH003 ¥298,000 JULY  
CIVIC TYPE-R FK8 K20C 17/09- F=118(12)/R=98(10) 80310-AH003C TBA TBD made-to-order product.
Includes suspension error canceller.
S2000 AP1 F20C 99/04-05/10 Under development 80310-AH001 TBA TBD  
S2000 AP2 F22C 05/11-09/09 Under development 80310-AH001 TBA TBD  
S660 JW5 S07A(TURBO) 15/04- F=59(6)/R=88(9) 80310-AH002 TBA TBD  
BRZ ZD8 FA24 21/08- F=88(9)/R=98(10) 80310-AF005 ¥278,000 JULY  
BRZ ZC6 ZC6 12/03-21/07 F=88(9)/R=98(10) 80310-AT001 ¥268,000 JULY  
IMPREZA WRX STI GRB EJ20 07/10-14/08 F=118(12)/R=98(10) 80310-AF001 ¥258,000 JULY  
WRXSTI/S4 VAB EJ20 14/08-20/04 Under development 80310-AF003 TBA AUGUST  
LANCER EVOLUTION X CZ4A 4B11 07/10-15/09 F=137(14)/R=118(12) 80310-AM001 ¥278,000 JULY  
LANCER EVOLUTION VII-IX CT9A 4G63 05/03-07/09 F=137(14)/R=137(14) 80310-AM002 TBA SEMPTEMBER  
RX-7 FD3S 13B-REW 91/12-02/08 F=157(16)/R=177(18) 80310-AZ001 ¥268,000 AUGUST  
ROADSTER ND5RC P5-VP/P5-VPR 15/05- F=78(8)/R=59(6) 80310-AZ002 ¥238,000 JULY  
SWIFT SPORT ZC33S K14C(TURBO) 17/09- F=98(10)/R=78(8) 80310-AS001 ¥298,000 AUGUST