Code No. 15004-AM013



Oil temperature of 4B11 engine increases in a short time. With HKS' high performance core in addition to stock oil cooler, cooling efficiency will be greatly improved.






1. HKS high performance oil cooler with stock oil cooler.

Although LANCER EVOLUTION X has stock air cooled oil cooler, HKS test result shows after 5 laps of Fuji Speedway Short Course, oil temperature exceeded 130℃. With HKS largest size core in addition to stock oil cooler, cooling efficiency will be greatly improved.



Location Fuji Speedway /Short course
Date 2008/7/15
Temperature 30℃
HKS test vehicle
(5MT) Spec.
Racing Suction Reloaded
Center Pipe
Legamax Premium
Low Temp. Thermostat

* The output data is test result of HKS chassis dynamometer. The results may vary for other device.


2. Aluminum panel air guide in the kit

An air guide is included in the kit to guide air flow to the core smoothly. Air guide was designed with study of air flow to enhance cooling performance of the core.


3. With other HKS cooling products, total performance will be improved.

With R type Intercooler Kit, volume of air flow through front bumper will be increased and both water and oil temperature will be decreased. HKS Low Temp Thermostat will decrease opening temperature of oil cooler thermostat. It is recommended to use it with Oil Cooler Kit.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Core Size・Row Core Location Type Hose Size Aluminum Air Guide Code No. Manual Remarks
LANCER EVOLUTION X CZ4A 4B11 07/10 - 200x220x48・15 Inside right bumper Combine with stock #10 15004-AM013 Stock oil cooler bracket and oil lines require modification. Cannot be used with stock fog lamps.