R type INTERCOOLER GT-R Explanation of the product Application chart
GT-R R35

Code No. 13001-AN015




R35 GT1000



The intercooler is very important for forced induction tuning and HKS has developed new big type for GT1000 full turbine kit.





◆ Feature
  • We have designed the intercooler for best balance of left-right bank cooling and pipe layout for the same as vertical flow stock design. The core front surface is maximum size as stock type layout. And the thickness of core is 100mm (stock=65mm) which provides less air flow pressure loss for the 1000ps.

  • We have designed the intercooler layout design to be installed with the stock air guide (need some work). The air came in from the open bumper is all flowed into the core for the maximum cooling efficiency.



Graph for GT1000 Full Turbine (purple)



  • Intercooler core assy (2)
  • Intercooler inlet pipe
  • Silicon hose



◆Precaution for installation
  • Need separate Intercooler Piping Kit (13002-AN003) for installation.
  • Need to do the radiator air guide and intercooler air guide modification.
  • Use hand nutter for installation work.
  • Installation time will be about 1 to 2 days.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Core Size・Location Type Code No. Price Remarks
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12- R type INTERCOOLER 390×270×100・2・Front mount GT1000SPEC 13001-AN015 Need separate piping kit (13002-AN003) Can install to a left‐hand drive car. Not checked for SPEC V.