PIPING KIT COPEN Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 13002-AD002




  • Replacing the factory resin pipe with this product can remove two bellows ssections and improve the engine response with better airflow efficienty.
  • Buff polished aluminum pipes enhances the appearance of the engine compartment.



  • The pipe has been redesigned to decrease the bend and to route at the shortest distance possible.
  • The diameter of the pipe from the intercooler to throttle is gradually increased from 38mm to 50mm to reduce resistance as much as possible.
  • Buffed aluminum pipe and purple silicone hose enhance the appearance in the engine bay.
<Factory Layout>

  • The long route hose causes suction resistance.





  • Intercooler Outlet Pipe x 1 (Buff polished aluminum)
  • Purple Silicone Hose x 1
  • Hose Band x 1


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Number of pipes Code No. Price Remarks
Suction pipe In pipe Out pipe Recirculation pipe Super power flow
COPEN LA400K KF 14/07- IC     1     13002-AD002