Code No. 13001-AS002



Best Layout with Best Core Size Designed for Swift Sport






The K14C turbo engine achieves 140ps with 1.4L displacement; the engine output is very high in spite of its compact engine size. To achieve this performance, the stock intercooler is placed behind the front bumper. However, the temperature of the air from the outlet of the stock intercooler exceeds 60℃; it is obviously cooling performance is not sufficient.
HKS designed the tube and core size considering the K14C engine characteristics based on various test data and accumulated know-how from long years of R&D for the intercooler design assuming upgrade the turbo to GTIII-FX. The cooling performance improvement and pressure loss reduction are implemented together at a higher level.





  • Newly designed 100mm wide core is approximately 265% of the stock in the core capacity.
    This large core shows overwhelming cooling performance difference.
    Core Size  ★HKS:695mm × 178mm × 100mm  ★Stock:690mm × 135mm × 50mm
  • Replacing the stock plastic side tank with aluminum casting tank enables smoother piping layout and strength improvement.





【Installation Info.】

A "radar" may be built in the front bumper depending on the area the vehicle is sold. This intercooler kit is not compatible with the model having a built-in radar. (The radar is built in the front bumper as shown in the photo on the right.)




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Core Size・Location Type Code No. Manual Remarks
SWIFT SPORT ZC33S K14C(TURBO) 17/09 -20/04 R type INTERCOOLER 695 x 178 x 100・Front mount (Factory replacement) R type 13001-AS002 Modification of the front bumper is required.