DCT COOLER KIT GT-R Explanation of the product Application chart
GT-R R35

Code No. 27002-AN005




DCT fluid cooler kit for R35GT-R/2017 model





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Dry carbon oil cooler duct


Paritiion helps efficient cooling



  • This is an oil cooler kit for GR6/DCT, 2017 model to ensure stable transmission feeling at the circuit and the street and to protect clutch and transmission.
  • Light and durable dry carbon oil cooler duct suits 2017 model bumper.
  • Oil cooler duct also has special dry carbon partition. This dry carbon partition improves cooling performance making air to pass equally through the entire surface of cooler core.
  • Relocating washer tank is required. The kit includes the specially designed washer tank.
    Note: Stock washer fluid level sensor cannot be attached.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Core Size・Row Core Location Code No. Price Remarks
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 16/07-19/06 200x220x48.5/15-layer inside left fender 27002-AN005 Bumper modification is required. GT-R NISMO is not confirmed.