R type INTERCOOLER CIVIC Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 13001-AH006




Stock replacement type intercooler kit which suits for various tunings such as boost up or replacement turbine.





【Exterior Example】




  • Replacement type that maintains sufficient cooling performance even for hard-tuned engines by increasing the core capacity.
  • Core size: 710 x 142 x 100 (Stock: 710 x 112 x 60)
  • Newly designed inlet and outlet of the intercooler tank to a larger diameter. Accordingly, φ50 of the inlet/outlet pipe is included as standard parts and it can be suited for future tunings.



  • Intercooler core ASSY
  • Intercooler inlet pipe
  • Intercooler outlet pipe
  • Other parts



【In-house test data】

Temerature Characteristic


Cooling Efficiency



【Test Vehicle Specifications】

Gained advantages in output due to an improvement of cooling efficiency by revised the shape and size of each part.

Output Comarison


Turbo Factory turbine ECU HKS Flash Editor (Original data)
Intake HKS Racing Suction Exhaust LEGAMAX Premium


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Core Size・Location Type Code No. Price Remarks
CIVIC FK7 L15C 17/09-19/12 R type INTERCOOLER 695 x 178 x 100・Front mount (Factory replacement) R type 13001-AH006 Compatible with 6MT & CVT. Compatibility with 6BA-FK7 has not confirmed.