OIL COOLER KIT IMPREZA Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 15004-AF007




< Features >
  • Oil Cooler Core mounts in left fender to avoid affecting the radiator.
  • Included Aluminum Air Duct guides air directly into oil cooler core.
  • When used in combination with the factory water-cooled oil cooler, peak oil temperature maintains a low and stable temperature.
  • Core size W200mm x H200mm x T32mm 12row (stock oil cooler is used simultaneously)
  • Hose size 10AN
  • Parts List : Oil Cooler Core, Oil Cooler Hose (10AN) x 2, S-TYPE Sandwich Plate, Air Guide (IN), Stay, Other parts


< Remarks >
  • Modification of Air Guide is required when used with HKS Front Mount Intercooler (13001-AF005).
  • Not Compatible with STI SPEC C model.
  • Fog Lamps cannot be installed with Oil Cooler.
  • Washer Tank for Rear Window and Intercooler Spray must be removed (oil cooler core mounts in same location. If the Washer Tank and Intercooler Spray are required, use Kangaroo type.)
  • Oil Temperature Meter and Oil Pressure will not mount to the Sandwich Plate.
  • Caution: Oil filter will be lowered to same height as oil sump.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Core Size・Row Core Location Type Hose Size Aluminum Air Guide Code No. Price Remarks
IMPREZA GDB EJ20 05/06- 200x200x32・12 Inside bumper S type #10 15004-AF007 For Applied model F. Not compatible with SPEC-C. Combines with water cooled oil cooler. Due to lack of clearance, oil pressure/temperature sendors can not be fitted.Stock fog lamps cannot be used.