Code No. 42018-AT008





  • Easy plug and play installation to increase the boost pressure.
  • Boost pressure increase data is preset to Power Editor.
  • A bypass connector is included. It allows to bypass the unit even after connecting this kit.
  • Easy Writer for Power Editor can edit the preset data.

Easy Writer is NOT included in the product.
Download "Easy Writer" software from HKS official website. (Freeware)
Use provided USB cable to connect to computer.



■Main Function

  • Boost pressure increase for turbo vehicle: Increasing the boost pressure of a stock vehicle.
  • Status indicating LED: Checking the unit status by LED.
  • Edit the boost increase data: Editing the preset data to the user's original data to increase the boost pressure. Note: PC with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 is required.


■Main Function

  • Install this Power Editor between "pressure sensor" and "pressure sensor harness" can increase the boost pressure.
  • Easy Writer for Power Editor is available to edit the preset data. To edit by Easy Writer, connect Power Editor and PC using the provided USB harness.
  • Using a provided bypass connector instead of the Power Editor to reset the initial data. This can be used to easily check the difference.


Easy Writer for Power Editor

Download "Easy Writer" software from HKS official website. (Freeware)


■Preset Data




TOYOTA CROWN Stock Power Editor
Power 173.9kw (236.5ps) 175.6kw (238.8ps)
Torque 374.7Nm (38.2kgf・m) 390.1Nm (39.8kgf・m)
Boost 123kPa (1.25kgf/cm2) 137kPa (1.4kgf/cm2)




■Recommended Power Editor installation location and Pressure sensor location



  • This product is applicable to a stock vehicles and vehicles equipped with HKS products.
  • This product is for a stock ECU data and not available to use with a customized data prepared by a ReFlash tool.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
CROWN DBA- ARS210 8AR-FTS 15/10 -18/06 42018-AT008 * To be discontinued.