F-CON D REGIUSACE Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 42007-AK001




Diesel fuel increasing device for TOYOTA HIACE KDH200 series that is popular base vehicle for customization.
About 40PS will be increased for 1KD-FTV engine (late model) and about 20PS for 2KD-FTV engine. 20 - 30% enhancement from stock engine.



  • Diesel fuel increasing device [1KD/2KD-FTV engine (HIACE KDH200#)]
  • Not only increased torque, but also reduction of kick down and throttle angle will be achieved as well as fuel consumption improvement.



  • F-COND has a connector for harness and 7 wires of the harness will be connected directly to vehicle harness of ECU side. (Modification is required.)
  • ON <---> OFF switch is available for easy recovery to stock control.




■F-CON D - Eco Test
1KD 3000 Diesel Fuel Efficiency
With F-CON on for 599.3km@7 hours: used gasolie of 55.0 L. 10.90km/L
With normal on for 592.7km@7 hours: used gasolie of 55.5 L. 10.68km/L

(* The test result was done by HKS.)


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
REGIUSACE KDH2## 1KD-FTV 07/08-10/07 42007-AK001 * Discontinued.