Code No. 42018-AT018



Power Editor is the boost controller that enables the boost pressure increase of the vehicles equipped with electric actuators.







  • Easy plug and play installation to increase the boost pressure.
  • Boost pressure increase data is preset to Power Editor.
  • A bypass connector is included. It allows to bypass the unit even after connecting this kit.
  • Easy Writer for Power Editor can edit the preset data.
    Note: Easy Writer is NOT included in the product. Use provided USB cable to connect to computer.



■Main Functions

  • Boost pressure increase for turbo vehicle: Increasing the boost pressure of a stock vehicle.
  • Status indicating LED: Checking the unit status by LED.
  • Edit the boost increase data: Editing the preset data to the user's original data to increase the boost pressure.
    Note: PC with Windows is required.



  • Install this Power Editor between "pressure sensor" and "pressure sensor harness" can increase the boost pressure.
  • Easy Writer for Power Editor is available to edit the preset data. To edit by Easy Writer, connect Power Editor and PC using the provided USB harness.
  • Using a provided bypass connector instead of the Power Editor to reset the initial data. This can be used to easily check the difference.


  • This product is applicable to a stock vehicles and vehicles equipped with HKS products.
  • This product is for a stock ECU data and not available to use with a customized data prepared by a ReFlash tool.


Easy Writer for Power Editor


■Preset Data




  Stock Power Editor
Maximum Variation (Output) 16.0kW(21.7PS) / 4800rpm
Maximum Variation (Torque) 42.9Nm(4.4kgf・m) / 3400rpm
Maximum Output 173.3kW(235.6PS) / 5600rpm 182.7kW(248.4PS) / 5300rpm
Maximum Torque 355.4Nm(36.2kgf・m) / 4200rpm 375.8Nm(38.3kgf・m) / 4100rpm
Maximum Boost Pressure 148.1kPa (1.51kgf/cm2) 167.7kPa (1.71kgf/cm2)

*Measured by Dynapack Chassis Dynamometers TCF of 1.00.




■Recommended Power Editor installation location and Pressure sensor location



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
GR YARIS 4BA- GXPA16 G16E-GTS 20/09 -24/03 42018-AT018 Not applicable for vehicles after March 2024.