ABARTH 595 31214T

Code No. VIITS-EL001



The easy coupler-on boost controller synchronizes power and sound!






  • It can be easily boosted up by simply connecting with a coupler.
  • The boost-up data is preset in the BOOST CONTROLLER unit.
  • By using the Easy Writer, you can edit the boost-up data.
  • Even after installing this product (or wiring it), it can be returned to the stock status by using the return connector included in the kit.

・The Easy Writer is not packaged with the product.
・To connect to the PC, use the USB connection harness included with the product.





  • Boost up turbocharged vehicles : Install the BOOST CONTROLLER between the "pressure sensor" and "pressure sensor harness”, the boost pressure will be increased.
  • Rewriting boost-up data : For customers who are not satisfied with the data preset in the unit, we have prepared a special Easy Writer for editing the boost-up data. By connecting the BOOST CONTROLLER to a PC with the USB connection harness included in the product, you can easily edit the boost-up data with Easy Writer. Windows PC (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7) is required.
  • Status verification LED : The LED light makes it easier to monitor the status of the unit. 

・This product is designed for stock vehicles and vehicles equipped with HKS products.

・This product is for a stock ECU data and not available to use with a customized data prepared by a Re-Flash tool.


Specialized Easy Writer (for free)



■Performance data

  • HKS Data Preset for ABARTH 595 COMPETIZIONE (Japan spec)
  • The test vehicle is equipped with VIITS EXHAUST for ABARTH595 (VIITS-EX001).
  • The maximum boost pressure is the average of multiple measurements taken in SPORT MODE.



  Stock Power Editor
(maximum permissible level)
(maximum permissible level)
Peak power 119.6kW(162.7PS)/4800rpm 124.3kW(168.9PS)/4900rpm
Peak torque 271.9Nm(27.7kgf・m)/3300rpm 286.4Nm(29.2kgf・m)/3900rpm
Peak boost pressure 135.3kPa(1.38kgf/cm2) 145.1kPa(1.48kgf/cm2)





■Recommended BOOST CONTROLLER installation location and Pressure sensor location



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
ABARTH 595 31214T 312A3 17/02 - VIITS-EL001 Make to order item
For ABARTH 595 COMPETIZIONE (Japan Domestic Market spec).