Code No. 22002-AN023





"Ultimate easy installation camshaft" is the concept of the product. It can be used with stock Valve Springs without valve timing adjustment and modification of cylinder head.
It has the latest profile design that outperforms competitors' products.
Feel the performance.






  • "Ultimate easy installation camshaft" is the concept of the product that outperforms competitors' products.
    Improved performance for the range of more than 5,500rpm enables "wide power band" for sport driving. The enhanced performance continues up to the revolution limit.

  • The new camshaft profile has 11.5mm lift that was for STEP2 camshaft although it still can be used with stock Valve Spring. (Limitation : Stock revolution limit)
    For more than stock revolution limit, reinforced Valve Spring is required. (Limitation : 8,000rpm)




【Vehicle specification】

S15: GT-RS turbine, Metal head gasket, Exhaust manifold, Extension, Intercooler (S-type).

* As the thickness of the Head gasket is 1.6mm, intercept point (RPM that boost reaches to the set boost level.) is shifted to higher rpm. This data is just for performance comparison of camshafts.



Product Engine type Side Duration Valve lift Designed
valve timing
Code no. Price Remark
SR20DET  IN 256° 11.5mm 118 22002-AN023   NVCS
EX 256° 11.5mm 114 22002-AN024    

* Old STEP1 (for NVCS) 22002-AN002, 22002-AN003, 22002-AN005 will be discontinued.



Engine Side Duration Valve Lift Designed Valve Timing Code No. Manual Remarks
SR20DET S14・S15 INTAKE 256° 11.5 118° 22002-AN023