CAMSHAFT NISSAN Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 22002-AN025



The new camshaft for PS13, RPS13 is out. The concept is same “the best  factory replacement camshaft”. We have developed it with the newest profile design and through comparison test of HKS products and other companies’ products. Experience the HKS power!




  • As you can see in the graph, for 6000 RPM and above, the output is bigger, so for circuit drive you will have wide range of power band. And when you are driving you can feel the power till rev limit.
  • By reviewing the profile, we could employ the 11.5mm STEP2 lift to the stock Valve Spring (maximum RPM: stock rev limit)
  • If you want more than rev limit RPM changing the strengthen Valve Spring will let you have it. (maximum RPM:8000 RPM)
  • In case there is no NVCS, we have set the valve timing for enough torque for the power at a high RPM. Depending on your need, with slide cam sprocket to adjust valve timing, you can have more control on torque.





Vehicle specification

RPS13, GT-RS turbine, metal head gasket (1.2mm), exhaust manifold, extension, Intercooler (Stype) replacement GT-RS Turbine is normal.

* This data is for camshaft performance comparison data.

* You need computer resetting for the best HKS camshaft performance.



Product Engine
Side Duration Valve lift Designed
valve timing
Code no. Price Remark
IN 256° 11.5mm 108° 22002-AN025   STEP1
EX 256° 11.5mm 114° 22002-AN024  

* STEP1 22002-AN001, AN003, AN004, AN005 are discontinued.


Engine Side Duration Valve Lift Designed Valve Timing Code No. Price Remarks
SR20DET (R)PS13 INTAKE 256° 11.5 108° 22002-AN025 STEP1(SS-CAM)