Fine Tune Timing Belt

Code No. 24999-AN002





"Nissan RB2# Type Sports" is added to one of our popular products Fine Tune Timing Belt.
This Type Sports is further strengthened compared to the existing type, and it is suitable for circuit driving.




  • his product was designed focusing on use in race. The durability of this timing belt is enhanced to be capable with circuit driving.
  • This product's heat resistance, rib load strength, rib longevity, and shear resistance have become approximately 1.5 times of the existing product.
  • The belt is painted in purple, which is HKS' theme color, and HKS logo, product name, and code number are printed on the belt.



The product was designed specifically for use in race, the following must be understood before use:

※Operation sound may occur during driving depending on the intension setting since the belt strength is higher than the existing product.
※Material mixed with nylon fiber used in this product instead of tooth clothiber may cause damage to the cam pulley. Regular maintenance is required. 





  • This timing belt is made by new technology, aligning tooth cloth with the metal mold and filling tooth rubber to the mold; this allows the strength of the tooth cloth to be maintained and prevents damage to the tooth lack by high torque. Utilizing high saturation H-NBR to make the tooth rubber provides further strength. (The conventional manufacturing method was applying pressure from the outside to make the tooth; therefore, the tensile stress remains in tooth cloth which reduces its strength.)



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Belt Size Stock Belt No. Code No. Manual Remarks
SKYLINE GT-R BNR34 RB26DETT 99/01 -02/08 141YS25.4 13028-20P25 24999-AN002 For sport driving(Reinforcement model)