FINE TUNE V-BELT Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 24996-AK045




"5PK969" and "4PK722" for SWIFT SPORT are added to the application.


Alternator Side: 24996-AK044 / A/C Side: 24996-AK045




●Using the latest in belt technology gives the following benefits:

  • Increased durability at high temperatures which can be found in the engine bay of tuned vehicles.
  • Increased performance in cold weather areas and conditions.
  • Lightweight with good friction tolerance properties means that excess tension is not required whilst anti sound properties reduces belt squeal.
  • Back face of 5PK969 is colored blue with HKS logo. With HKS logo, the belt length and the product name are also printed.
  • 4PK772 is designed exclusively for the vehicle equipped with a stretch fit belt. The color of the belt is black.
  • To replace the stretch fit belt, special tool is required separately.



☆EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber was selected because:
  • Better durability and performance in hotter and colder conditions with improved friction tolerance.
  • Much lighter than previous version belts.
  • Shirt fiber mixture in rib rubber improves performance over previous version.




◎Specifications: HKS Belt vs.. Stock

 (The performance may vary depending on a model.)

High Temp Durability Low Temp. Durability Wear Resistant Weight Sounding Resistance
4 times higher 10 times higher +30% -17% Lower


Product Code No. Price Remarks
FINE TUNE V-BELT/4PK722 24996-AK045 A/C Side. Low Modulus Belt Remover (09991-07450) is required for removal, and Low Modulus Belt Installer (09991-07460) is required for installation.