CRANK DAMPER PULLEY GT-R Explanation of the product Application chart
GT-R R35

Code No. 24998-AN001




Crank Damper Pulley specially for HKS Capacity Upgrade kit VR38DETT 4.3L reduces the torsion of the crankshaft.


HKS crank damper pulley only for VR4.3L

HKS VR38 4.3L Kit




■HKS VR4.3L capacity upgrade kit Specifications
  HKS 4.3L Stock
Bore 95.5 mm 95.5 mm
Stroke 99.0 mm 88.4 mm
Compression Ratio (t=0.8) 8.6 9.0
Allowable Rotation Speed 7,400 rpm 7,000 rpm
Displacement 4,255 cc 3,799 cc



  • It reduces the peak value of the torsion of the crankshaft that occurred from the sympathetic vibration point.
  • HKS and ATI PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS cooperatively developed the dedicated product for VR 4.3L because each crankshaft has a different sympathetic vibration point.
  • The optimized product specifications were gained through measuring the actual torsion at the engine bench test.
  • Allowing the combination use of the HKS fine tune V-belt because the diameter of the pulley for the V-belt is the same as the stock one.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12- 24998-AN001 Product only for HKS CAPACITY UPGRADE KIT for VR38DETT 4.3L kit.