METAL CATALYZER IS F Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 33005-AT004




●LEXUS IS-F Metal Catalyzer

Two 2nd catalyzer and silencers are mounted in the stock Center Pipe which is 60% of the entire stock exhaust system layout. Stock catalyzer has 600cpsi but we changed it to 150cpsi. This change provides awesome purification and less exhaust pressure which will leads to more power. By reducing the exhaust pressure you will have bigger sound from muffler but we made the silencer bigger to control the sound. Now other people would not even notice the change of the parts!
* This product received exhaust gas test certificate.





  Stock HKS
Main material SU430 SUS304
Pipe diameter φ60 φ65
Catalyzer cell number 600cpsi 150cpsi



The 2 stock catalyzer connection part is connected to one pipe which has a bad gas flow but we have connected a molded Y shape pipe for better gas flow.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Code No. Price Remarks
IS F DBA- USE20 2UR-GSE 07/10- φ65 x 2 - φ75 33005-AT004 * Discontinued.