ABARTH 595 31214T

Code No. VIITS-EX001



The synchronization of silence, sensual sound and power delivers unprecedented enjoyment.






The Culmination of HKS Exhaust
We brought technologies cultivated from HKS exhaust development to this brand new exhaust system for Abarth 595 Competizione.

Newly Developed Exhaust Valve System
The valve-controlled muffler provides a more aggressive sound and ease of daily use that cannot be experienced with the stock muffler.



Kit include

Exhaust pipes, Valve Control Kit (Unit and Harness), Gaskets, Bolts and Nuts etc.



Certification No. JQR10214117
Main material SUS304L with hairline finish
Diameter of tip Φ65 Ti
Diameter of main pipe Φ60 >>> Φ50 x 2
Weight(Stock) 15.5Kg (16.3Kg)
Close noise level (Stock) 93dB (Idle: 72dB)
Close noise level HKS Valve closed 90dB (Idle:72dB)
Valve opened 96dB
Exhaust pipe minimum clearance 
from the ground (Measure point)
110mm (#1 center pipe)



The Culmination of HKS Exhaust Series


  1. The silencer and some pipe sections are made of the same thin-walled stainless steel material used in the Hi-Power Spec L series to reduce weight.
  2. A specially developed valve unit is used to achieve both quietness in idling and daily use and a sensual sound when the gas pedal is depressed. This product satisfies the strict Japanese exhaust sound regulation and allows you to enjoy the characteristic sound of the Abarth 595.
  3. By applying the technology of the Super Sound Master series, length of the pipes splitting has been adjusted to improve exhaust efficiency.
  4. With the technology cultivated in the Super Turbo Muffler, we have achieved a straight structure with no restriction that does not spoil the exhaust efficiency.
  5. The titanium tail provides a sporty and luxurious visual effect. replacement tail tip cover will be available later.



The technology cultivated by SPEC-L development

The use of thin-walled stainless steel material developed for the SPEC-L series and a silencer that incorporates a specialized internal structure has resulted in a weight reduction of approximately 5% compared to the stock "Record Monza" exhaust.



Pipework based on the SSM produces a massive sound

The sound engineering techniques cultivated in the Super Sound Master series have been applied. 
The sound was tuned to resonate comfortably in the high RPM range.



The technology of the Super Turbo Muffler series is incorporated. The large-diameter full straight pipe make it possible to eliminate muffled sound and achieve high output. The exhaust resistance has been improved by 25% compared to the stock Record Monza exhaust muffler, and the exhaust pressure has been reduced to 350ps level.



Synchronization of sound and power

VIITS Boost Controller



Full TIG welding and hairline finished pipes

In combination with the boost controller, the output will increase in sync with the sound, and when the control valve opens at 3000 rpm, you will experience an unprecedented stimulation.

We pursued an overwhelmingly beautiful appearance by using TIG welding for all connections. Hairline finish is applied to all pipes and brackets down to the smallest detail. The entire texture of the pipe was improved without machining marks, and the work was done uncompromisingly.



Replaceable tail tip cover

Factory installed tail tips cover.


The tail tip cover, which is fixed with bolts, can be replaced with an optional cover to be released later.



Specialized controller to precise valve control

Specialized valve unit

The valve unit specially developed for the VIITS Abarth 595 exhaust muffler controls the exhaust line switching.

Newly developed dedicated controller

It reads the information from the OBD data of the vehicle and controls the valve unit in a fully automatic function in order to produce a sound that matches the situation. This enables synchronization of sound and power.



Reduces noise during start-up and low-speed driving. In daily use, the exhaust sound is gentle, but when the engine speed exceeds 3000 rpm, a massive sporty sound comes out.



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Material Tip O.D. Pipe Size Consist of Close Sound Level Idling Sound Level Code No. Manual Remarks
Stock HKS Stock HKS
ABARTH 595 ABA- 31214T 312A3 17/02 - RS S3 65 x L&R 60 - 50 x 2 4 93 90 72 72 VIITS-EX001 For ABARTH 595 COMPETIZIONE (Japan Domestic Market spec).