FUEL UPGRADE KIT GT-R Explanation of the product Application chart
GT-R R35

Code No. 14007-AN002



  • Fuel Upgraded Kit exclusively for VR38DETT/R35 GT-R.
  • The Injector and Fuel Pump required for performance improvement by GT800 are included in the Kit.
  • 700cc Injectors and 860cc Injectors are available.




The factory injector of R35 GT-R (VR38DETT) can be used up to 570ps boost setting. For higher engine output, replacing the factory injector with the larger capacity injector is a must.




  • The injection volume is increased comparing to the factory volume so it works for higher engine output without increasing the fuel pressure.
  • Dimension of the injector is same as the factory so it can be installed with the factory fuel rail.
  • 2 tapered injection holes spray better than the factory injector.

* The injection direction is set toward the intake valve. When the valve is opened, fuel is sprayed directly toward the inside cylinder. Therefore, the response gap of the A/F at acceleration is less than the 1-jet type. The improvement can be experienced during revving the engine a few times while at neutral. Comparing to non-HKS Injectors utilizing the same design, HKS Injector spray fuel in a mist form, so combustion can be more stable. The difference is more obvious especially on cold start. The stable combustion reduced the black smoke at accelerating.


○Injector's Flow Amount & Corresponding Engine Output
  Stock HKS (700cc) HKS (860cc)
Code # 16600-JF00A 14002-AN002 14002-AN003
Injector volume 565cc 700cc 860cc
(Full injection volume) * 620cc 770cc 950cc
Max. horsepower 570ps 650ps 800ps
Number of injection hole 12 holes 2 holes tapered 2 holes tapered

* Measured value at 350kPa. Actual value may be decreased due to injector dead time.



●Fuel pump
  • Largest amount of flow of the in-tank fuel pumps.
  • Installation can be done without modification since the dimension is the same as the factory.
  • Less power consumption and low operation noise.
  • High relief pressure enables stable fuel supply.

* No modification is necessary. (See Remarks.)


○Fuel Pump's Flow Amount & Corresponding Engine Output
  Stock HKS
Injector volume @350kPa 130 (175) X 2L/h 195 (250) X 2L/h
@500kPa 95 (140) X 2L/h 145 (205) X 2L/h
Max. horsepower* 700ps 950ps

* These amounts are only for reference.
* Measured value at 12V (14V).




* Modification of the fuel pump unit and fuel pump coupler are no longer necessary with this kit.



  • Injector X 6
  • O-ring for Injector X 6
  • Fuel pump X 2
  • etc.

* These parts are required per vehicle.



Large size Injector
Injector type Engine Connector
# of hole Injector dead time
at 14V (μsec)
Code no. Price
(w/o tax)
700 Top feed
VR38DETT Yellow Round 2
1300 14002-AN002    
860 Top feed
VR38DETT Purple Round 2
1500 14002-AN003    


Large size Fuel pump
Vehicle Model Engine
Year Outer dia. length
HKS pump
Stock pump
to Stock
Code no. Price
(w/o tax)
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12- φ38 114 195 130 150% 14007-AN003   2 set


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Outer diameter Length (mm) HKS pump (L/h) Normal pump (L/h) HKS injector Normal injector Code No. Price Remarks
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12- 38 114 195 130 860 565 14007-AN002 * Discontinued.