INJECTOR APPLICATION CHART MARK II Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 14002-AK003





Large capacity injectors to compensate insufficient fuel to increase the engine power.



  • Top Feed type
  • 2-Jet Spray Type
  • 2 Tapered Injection Holes High Resistance (Approx.13Ω)
  • Length 54mm / Fuel Rail I.D. 11.0mm


  • 2-jet spray type appropriate to use with the 4-valve engine. HKS unique modification improves injection condition.
  • 1 jet spray type large capacity injector usually has narrow injection range; therefore, when the injection volume is high, considerable amount of fuel may go along the wall and flow into the cylinder. This may cause the engine knock and improper combustion.
    The injection direction of HKS Injectors are set toward the intake valve's head; therefore, fuel dilution can be decreased under acceleration, unnecessary fuel volume increase can be controlled. Also, when the valve is opened, injected gasoline can properly go into the cylinder.
  • Other non-HKS injectors sometimes have problems that gasoline carburetion is not processed properly before ignition; this may cause improper combustion and black smoke. This even causes misfiring under acceleration.
  • HKS injectors' injection is very fine so fuel can be diluted properly and combustion can be stable. Fine injection can stabilize the engine rpm under idling while injection volume is low, or while the engine is cooling down.
  • Differences can be noticed immediately after replacing the factory injectors with HKS Injectors.


*Injection Condition (@300kPa)

  • HKS 650cc: Wide & fine injection by HKS's unique modification.
  • Other 650cc: Narrower injection range & rough injection that cannot improve combustion.
  • Factory 540cc: 2-spray direction with 4 holes. Less injection volume & narrow injection range.


  • Injector x 1
  • Connector Set



Large size Injector Vehicle other application (Code no. 14002-AK002)

Vehicle Model Engine
Year Injector
Connector shape Injection holes Remark
CALDINA ST246W 3S-GTE 02/9-07/6 800 Top/high
Purple Round Upper groove 2 (tapered)  
ST215W 3S-GTE 97/9-02/8 800 Top/high
Purple Round Upper groove 2 (tapered)  
SUPRA JZA80 2JZ-GTE 93/6-02/7 800 Top/high
Purple Round Upper groove 2 (tapered) HKS fuel delivery kit required
MARK II JZX110 1JZ-GTE 00/10-04/10 800 Top/high
Purple Round Upper groove 2 (tapered)  
JZX100 1JZ-GTE 96/9-00/10 800 Top/high
Purple Round Upper groove 2 (tapered)  

* These are the main applicable vehicles


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year ml/min Type Color Code No. Price Remarks
MARK II JZX110 1JZ-GTE 00/10-04/11 650 Top Feed/High Impedance Yellow 14002-AK003 * To be discontinued.