86 ZN6


Code No. 80260-AT003



~ For Obsession with High Quality ~
Integration of quality over cost principles of turning parts and benefits and compatibility gained from OEM design.




for 86(ZN6) & BRZ(ZC6) 16/8~


<Product Basic Structure>
●Single Tube Damper Assembly
●Special Low-down Style Spring
※The stock upper mounts are used.




  • Utilizing the stock suspension structure for Hipermax G series provides a better durability and ride quality than its original even after lowering vehicle’s height.
  • The front stock design inverted mono tube damper delivers high rigidity and reliable handling performance.
  • The long stroke that was difficult in a conventional shock absorber has been realized. The stable driving is possible while preventing the wheels of the vehicle from levitating.
  • Setting was performed to ensure a soft ride quality as well as fun to drive.



■Kit Parts



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Series Full Kit Spring Rate F/R Free Height Damping Force Piston Speed 0.1m/sec Damping Force N Vehicle Height (Highest - Lowest) Code No. Manual Remarks
F: Rebound/Compression R: Rebound/Compression
86 ZN6 FA20 12/04 -16/07 G F=27(2.8)/R=44(4.5) Special/Special 245/98 333/98 -9 -12 80260-AT003