86 ZN6


Code No. 80260-AT007



~ For Obsession with High Quality ~
Integration of quality over cost principles of turning parts and benefits and compatibility gained from OEM design.




for 86(ZN6) & BRZ(ZC6) 16/8~


<Product Basic Structure>
●Single Tube Damper Assembly
●Special Low-down Style Spring
※The stock upper mounts are used.




  • Utilizing the stock suspension structure for Hipermax G series provides a better durability and ride quality than its original even after lowering vehicle’s height.
  • Compared to the early model, the stock suspension has been softer, but the ride comfort when driving on the street or the driving stability and pleasure on the winding road and under high speed driving may not be satisfactory for a driver.
  • Hipermax G reduced the uncomfortable vibration in low speed range to improve the ride comfort. With the characteristics of the single tube and high rigid inverted structure, the stable maneuverability is also improved.



■Kit Parts



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Series Full Kit Spring Rate F/R Free Height Damping Force Piston Speed 0.1m/sec Damping Force N Vehicle Height (Highest - Lowest) Code No. Manual Remarks
F: Rebound/Compression R: Rebound/Compression
86 ZN6 FA20 16/08 -21/10 G F=27(2.8)/R=45(4.6) Special/Special 245/118 333/98 -15 -16 80260-AT007 For applied model E (2016/8~).