Code No. 80300-KH001C



Going beyond just ride comfort or handling performance, a new standard of "Driving Comfort" aims for comfort in ride but also in the peace of mind generated by handling performance and drivability . An uncompromising balance which delivers on all the demands of street driving.



Suspension Error Canceler

The model in the photo is FC3.




Engine L15B
Model Year 17/05 - 
Remarks Exclusive for Si grade. Front knuckle insertion diameter: φ53.8mm


Damping force adjustment 30 steps 30 steps
Base valve - -
Height adjustable lower bracket -
Upper mount Rubber Rubber
Inverted/Normal type Inverted Normal
Damper/Spring layout Coilover Separated
Spring rate change at factory Possible Possible
Damping force adjustment with wire -
Helper spring
(Spring rate N/mm)
- -
Ride Height mm
  Factory *2 Test data Adjustable range
High - Low *3
Drivable range
High - Low *4
FRONT Ride height *1 647 674 ~ 626 657 ~ 626
Against stock -27 0 ~ -48 -17 ~ -48
REAR Ride height *1 658 683 ~ 617 683 ~ 648
Against stock -26 -1 ~ -67 -1 ~ -36

*1. Height from road surface to fender arch.
*2. Height at factory is the data tested at HKS with the setting of Full Kit. (HKS' recommended setting.)
*3. Adjustable range (However, the lowest value may not be road legal.
Even within the adjustable range, car body, arm etc. may contact. In such case, it will be hard to drive.
Damper oil leakage or any other problems caused by low ride height setting from the factory setting will void the warranty of the product.)
*4. Drivable range that there is no contact of car body or arms etc. (However, change of tire/wheel size may cause a problem.)
Caution). Actual data depends on each vehicle.

Kit information

Spring of Full Kit

  F R
Spring rate N/mm(kgf/mm) 39 ( 4 ) 39 ( 4 )
Free height (mm) 220 220
Spring type Straight Barrel type Straight Barrel type
Recommended range to change spring rate N/mm(kgf/mm) + 19 ( 2 ) + 10 ( 1 )

Specification of damper

  F R
Damping force (Rebound/Damping)N* 343 / 157 314 / 108
Default position of dial 15 15
Remaining damper stroke (Rebound/Damping)mm 60 / 58 64 / 95

* The value of the damping force is at piston speed of 0.1m/sec.

Setting data

  F R
Default Test Drivable limit
High *
Drivable limit
Low *
Default Test Drivable limit
High *
Drivable limit
Low *
Length of
case (mm)
230 230 230 370 396 360
Set length(mm)
199 189 220 - - - -
Length to ride hight
adjuster (mm)
21 31 0 38 61 29
Lever ratio 1.00 1.07(spg) , 0.94(dmp)

* Refer to the above explanation *3 of ride height information for drivable high and low limitations.

Test vehicle information

  F R
Vehicle weight kg - -
Tire size (Air pressure) kPa 235 / 40 - 18 ( 225 ) 235 / 40 - 18 ( 200 )
Wheel size 8.0 JJ × 18 inset 50 8.0 JJ × 18 inset 50
Test data 0 mm / -0°30' IN 1.9 mm / -1°42'
Standard value IN 0 ± 2 mm / -0°20' ± 30' IN 2 +2 -1 mm / -1°20' ± 45'

* Test data at HKS.

Parts List   * It may be changed without prior notice.



The stock suspension is comfortable and has a good feeling of flexibility, which makes it fun to control the vehicle's movement and force, but it is a little stiff in the rear and roll is too large even in SPORT mode.
With this kit, the amount of roll is reduced to achieve a lighter cornering. In addition, the lowering not only gives the Si the right look, but also improves the comfort.
Like the S660, the front suspension has a severe stroke structure. For the ultimate performance, we designed the product without adjustment functions the overall length, and the internal structure was further improved. HKS's traditional inverted mono-tube is selected. It provides rigidity and stroke capacity.
This kit Includes the upper plate adjusting bolts for front camber alignment. The camber can either be fixed at the stock standard position or adjusted by ±0.5°.
A cable for rear damping adjustment is provided as standard equipment, allowing simple damping adjustment without having to jack up the car or remove the damper, as is often the case with other manufacturers. Directly wound barrel type springs allow more freedom in setting.
Compared to the regular HIPERMAX series, this product has a more comfortable ride, but unlike the regular grade products, this Si is specially designed to reduce rear roll. We pursued the best balance between comfort and handling.
When you tighten the damping dial, you get a more solid feeling. If you prefer solid feeling, or when driving at high speed, you are free to adjust it according to your preference.
You can avoid the displayed error when the stock suspension is removed by installing a canceller (optional ).
Note: It is required to remove the front knuckle and the hub assembly to remove the stock suspension. We recommend that you have the product installed by an auto mechanic at a professional store, mass retailer, or dealer.