GR86 ZN8


Code No. 80300-AT027



Going beyond just ride comfort or handling performance, a new standard of "Driving Comfort" aims for comfort in ride but also in the peace of mind generated by handling performance and drivability . An uncompromising balance which delivers on all the demands of street driving.






Engine FA24
Model Year 21/10 - 
Remarks Testing confirmed on SZ 18 inch MT car.


Damping force adjustment 30 steps 30 steps
Base valve - -
Height adjustable lower bracket
Upper mount Spherical bearing Rubber
Inverted/Normal type Inverted Normal
Damper/Spring layout Coilover Coilover
Spring rate change at factory Possible Possible
Damping force adjustment with wire - -
Helper spring
(Spring rate N/mm)
- 〇 (19.8)
Ride Height mm
  Factory *2 Test data Adjustable range
High - Low *3
Drivable range
High - Low *4
FRONT Ride height *1 644 670 ~ 614 670 ~ 614
Against stock -26 0 ~ -56 0 ~ -56
REAR Ride height *1 647 675 ~ 614 675 ~ 614
Against stock -28 0 ~ -61 0 ~ -61

*1. Height from road surface to fender arch.
*2. Height at factory is the data tested at HKS with the setting of Full Kit. (HKS' recommended setting.)
*3. Adjustable range (However, the lowest value may not be road legal.
Even within the adjustable range, car body, arm etc. may contact. In such case, it will be hard to drive.
Damper oil leakage or any other problems caused by low ride height setting from the factory setting will void the warranty of the product.)
*4. Drivable range that there is no contact of car body or arms etc. (However, change of tire/wheel size may cause a problem.)
Caution). Actual data depends on each vehicle.

Kit information

Spring of Full Kit

  F R
Spring rate N/mm(kgf/mm) 49 ( 5.0 ) 64 ( 6.5 )
Free height (mm) 170 170
Spring type Straight Barrel type Straight Barrel type
Recommended range to change spring rate N/mm(kgf/mm) +20 ( 2 )※ +15(1.5) , -15(1.5)※

Specification of damper

  F R
Damping force (Rebound/Damping)N* 392 / 387 432 / 495
Default position of dial 15 15
Remaining damper stroke (Rebound/Damping)mm 42 / 45 53 / 53

* The value of the damping force is at piston speed of 0.1m/sec.

Setting data

  F R
Default Test Drivable limit
High *
Drivable limit
Low *
Default Test Drivable limit
High *
Drivable limit
Low *
Length of
case (mm)
224 250 204 249 271 235
Set length(mm)
160 160 170 214 214 226
Length to ride hight
adjuster (mm)
45 71 15 36 58 10
Lever ratio 1.00 1.26

* Refer to the above explanation *3 of ride height information for drivable high and low limitations.

Test vehicle information

  F R
Vehicle weight kg - (700) - (560)
Tire size (Air pressure) kPa 215 / 40 - 18 ( 240 ) 215 / 40 - 18 ( 240 )
Wheel size 7.5 JJ × 18 inset 48 7.5 JJ × 18 inset 48
Test data out 1 mm / -2°00' in 1 mm / -2°00'
Standard value in 0 ± 2 mm / 0°00' ± 0°45' in 2 ± 2 mm / -1°10' ± 0°45'

* Test data at HKS.

Parts List   * It may be changed without prior notice.



・Evan with the similar features between GR86 and latest BRZ, HKS tried to emphasize how different both cars due to the respect of each car’s unique character, it adopts in-house production with setting up which other manufacturers are hard to achieve.
・The stock suspension provides sharp handling because the damping settles quickly, and this product is designed to take advantage of this appeal, and also uses larger-diameter pistons to provide ride comfort with delicate damping settings.
・In order to suppress the damping force at the startup so that we tested many times to maintain the sharpness in the handling range and to suppress the damping force firmly at high loads.
・We also spent a lot of time selecting the spring rate, and repeated testing while changing the spring rate by 1K for both the front and rear.
・By loosening the damping dial, the ride quality becomes suppler, but we tried to set up the damping force adjuster so as not to cause unnecessary fluff during driving, this coilover is designed to be used over a wide range of driving conditions, allowing for sport driving on winding roads and tracks.
・The original rate can be changed, but the front suspension of rate increase is available with direct-wound springs. Rear suspension of rate can be changed to 5K, 6K, 7K, and 8K. 5K is available with direct-wound barrel springs.
・Please note that when installing on an AT vehicle, the front case will be lower due to the difference in vehicle weight, so please adjust the front case length before installation, referring to the test data. This will optimize the ride height balance and improve the ride quality.