Super Power Flow IMPREZA SPORT WAGON Explanation of the product Application chart
Super Power Flow

Code No. 70019-AF103




  • The pickup will be better before and after the intercept so the mid RPM range response is good and start smoothly.
  • Do not need to reset the ECU becausae it doesn't affect the stock feedback control.
    (This does not apply to the all the situation.)





  • The Super Power Flow Reloaded is an air cleaner for engine. Please change the filter regularly to have efficiency of the Super Power Flow Filter.
  • By installing this product, the engine output will get stronger therefore we recommend you to change for high temperature type spark plug. If you drive such as race or other sporty tuff drive, it's a must to change.
  • This product is designed for normal vehicles but for some case you might need to reset the air flow meter of output adjustment device(AFR etc.) or fuel control device(F-CON etc.) .


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Price Remarks
IMPREZA SPORT WAGON TA- GGA EJ205 00/08-07/06 Super Power Flow Φ200-80/Green 70019-AF103