Racing Suction

Racing Suction

Code No. 70020-AF105





  • It works for OBD II Feedback.
  • Setting of ECU is not required. Improved induction efficiency increases horseppower for all rpm range and enables smooth increasing of engine revolution from low to high rpm.
  • Polished piping improves looking of engine compartment.



 Stock 最高出力:215.9kw
 Racing Suction 最高出力:220.9kw

 Stock 最大トルク:420.2Nm
 Racing Suction 最大トルク:441.7Nm






  • Racing Suction Reloaded is a air cleaner device for a car engine. For the best super power flow filter performance, please chagne the filter regularly.
  • We recommend you to use a high temperrature type spark plug because of the higher power with this product. Please change the spark plug for sure especially in the sport racing.
  • This product is made for a stock vehicles but for some cars, it might need to adjust in AFR, F-CON settings.



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Manual Remarks
IMPREZA WRX STI CBA- GRB EJ207 07/10 -14/08 Racing Suction Φ200-80/Red 70020-AF105 For "WRX STI".