Racing Suction

Racing Suction

Code No. 70020-AT110





The new Racing Suction for Vitz RS/NCP91 which provides best intake performance.




  • The peak power improvement is 3kW and torque improvement is 4N/m.
  • New pipe layout design let you have power and torque up as whole.
  • Intake sound is also very cool sporty sound.
  • The buffed aluminum pipe looks beautiful in the engine room.




TEST CAR SPEC.   :  Vehicle Model: DBA-NCP91  Engine Model: 1NZ-FE


 Stock Power : 89.5 kW
 Racing Suction Power : 92.3 kW

 Stock Torque : 142.1 Nm
 Racing Suction Torque : 146.2 Nm

Specification  :  silent Hi-Power





Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Manual Remarks
VITZ DBA- NCP91 1NZ-FE 05/02 -10/12 Racing Suction Φ150-80/Red 70020-AT110 Make to order item
For RS