Racing Suction MPV Explanation of the product Application chart
Racing Suction

Code No. 70020-AZ105





Boost level does not drop compared with stock and horsepower will be increased. It has sporty intake sound. The system appeals in the engine compartment.







  • Racing Suction Reloaded is a air cleaner device for a car engine. For the best super power flow filter performance, please chagne the filter regularly.
  • We recommend you to use a high temperrature type spark plug because of the higher power with this product. Please change the spark plug for sure especially in the sport racing.
  • This product is made for a stock vehicles but for some cars, it might need to adjust in AFR, F-CON settings.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Price Remarks
MPV DBA- LY3P L3-VDT 06/02- Racing Suction Φ200-80/Red 70020-AZ105 For "23T".