Cold Air Intake Full Kit
S660 JW5

Code No. 70026-AH002



Cold Air Intake Cover

Cold Air Intake Duct (RH)


  • This kit included a cold air intake cover for the air cleaner included in Racing Suction Kit and large diameter stock replacement type side duct. The duct opening is increased by approximately 2.5 times of the stock. The duct outlet design allows smooth air flow along with the tire housing.
    The intake air inside the air cleaner can be reduced approximately by 20℃ at 100km/h.
  • Lightweight and high rigid dry carbon made.
  • For total appearance improvement, the intake duct for the left side is available.
  • This kit is designed exclusively to use with HKS Racing Suction Kit.






DUCT outlet opening space is increased by approx. 2.5 times of the stock. The outlet shape is designed to flow the fresh air smoothly along with the tire housing to the cleaner.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Kit Code No. Manual Remarks
S660 JW5 S07A 15/04 -19/12 Racing Suction + RH Intake Duct + Intake Cover 70026-AH002 Vehicle made after Jan 2020 not confirmed.