Carbon Suction Kit
86 ZN6

Code No. 70026-AT001






  • Carbon fiber was chosen for its high tensile strength and beautiful appearance.
  • The twill weave emphasizes each strand of carbon and delivers a premium motorsport appearance. A Matte top coat is used to reduce unnecessary reflection and emphasize the natural beauty of carbon fiber.
  • The intake efficiency is higher than the stock, but is still compatible with stock engine management.






○Weight Comparison (g)

Vehicle Material Unit (g) Weight Ratio (%)   Image
86 Stock 650 100% (1)  
Carbon Parts 360 55% (2) ※Purple hoses were installed to (2), actual product uses black hoses.
(Both hoses' weight are equal.) 
Alminium Parts 865 133% (3)  





Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
86 DBA- ZN6 FA20 12/04 -21/10 70026-AT001 Not fit to Applied Model E (manual transmission).