SUPER AIR FILTER GR SUPRA Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 70017-AT131





Concept and Features:

Super Air Filter has a wide lineup of air filters with our special technology. The density gradient structure technology where filter density becomes higher with each layer ensures all sizes of dust and other particles are caught in the most effective way. This structure allow to retain high filtration properties and significantly lower air flow restrictions.



■Product measurement



Stock Part Number 17801-WAA01 / 17801-WAA02
1371 863 5102 / 1371 858 0428
Filter Type M2 Size Type D
Package size 385×240×60


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Stock Part No. Code No. Price Remarks
GR SUPRA DB22 B48 19/05- 17801-WAA02 70017-AT131 SZ-R