Racing Suction SWIFT SPORT Explanation of the product Application chart
Racing Suction

Code No. 70020-AS105




Combines SUPER POWER FLOW with aluminum pipe and open type air cleaner to improve air intake efficiency





  • Improving an air intake efficiency, HKS changed from flexible rubber hose of the stock to aluminum pipe. This consistent reduces an airflow restriction at an HKS flow bench test compared to the stock intake system.
  • It keeps strong air flow through from low to high rpm range.
  • Polished aluminum pipe improves engine room appearance.
  • Enjoy a distinct sporty intake sound.






Maximum Output 116.4kW (158.3PS) 117.8kW (160.2PS)
Maximum Torque 289.2N・m (29.5kgf・m) 291.0N・m (29.7kgf・m)

Providing smooth power delivery and torque gains all the way up to high rpm range.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Price Remarks
SWIFT SPORT CBA- ZC33S K14C(TURBO) 17/09-20/04 Racing Suction Φ150-80/Red 70020-AS105