Racing Suction JIMNY Explanation of the product Application chart
Racing Suction

Code No. 70020-AS106




Improve intake performance with HKS open type air filter and aluminum piping



Installed air intake

Oil catch can included



  • Kit includes Super Power Flow and Aluminum Suction pipe for JIMNY.
  • Improved intake efficiency by changing from the stock flexible rubber hose to aluminum piping. Polished aluminum piping improves engine room appearance.
  • Placing Super Power Flow at the front allows to reduce intake of hot air of the engine.
  • ECU calibration is not required.
  • The oil catch can is provided as the engine is known to have excessive blow-by. Black color alumite provides the premium feel. A level gauge makes it easy check the oil level.




 In house data.  Vehicle with Super Turbo Muffler

Installing Racing Suction improves boost acceleration at the middle to high rpm range.
It is more effective to combine it with the Power Editor.



The layout of the air cleaner at the front which no other company does can take the fresh air more efficiency. The advantage is most felt when starting the vehicle as well as after idling or driving a high speed running when the heat builds up in the room.


Air cleaner at the backward raises intake temperature due to difficult air flows and it also takes time return to the normal temperature. However, HKS placed it at the front to solve this kind of problem.
Smooth air flows keep temperature constant even in the case where the heat under the bonnet builds up.



【Test Vehicle Specifications】

・Racing Suction Kit  ・Super Turbo Muffler  ・Power Editor


【Test Mode】

・WLTC exhaust gas test


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Price Remarks
JIMNY 3BA- JB64W R06A(TURBO) 18/07- Racing Suction Φ150-60/Red 70020-AS106 Note: This vehicle is basically selling for the Japanese domestic market only (as Kei car).