Cold Air Intake Full Kit SWIFT SPORT Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 70026-AS002




High-efficiency intake duct using high-quality carbon. It greatly supports the reduction of intake air temperature rise.





  • This cold air intake box uses 3K Weave Prepreg and it looks help to show reaching nature of the material.
  • Racing suction and cold air intake can also be purchased separately. We also support upgrades for those who have already installed racing suction.
  • Efficiently takes in fresh air and reduces the rise in intake air temperature.
  • This kit produces a sporty intake sound like an open type intake.



【Performance Data】 *In house tested data

Intake air temperature comparison


Max Power 108.8kW (148.0PS) 110.0kW (149.6PS)
Max Torque 242.0N・m (24.7kgf・m) 245.1N・m (25.0kgf・m)


Power and Torque Comparison


After idling for 30 minutes, the intake air temperature is measured in the WLTC mode, which simulates a driving situation that takes into consideration all street situations.
In this test, the cold air intake offers a lower intake air temperature than the stock one.


Tested Vehicle (6 MT)

・ HKS super turbo muffler ・HKS oil cooler ・HKS intercooler

※Measured with normal turbine and normal boost.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Kit Code No. Price Remarks
SWIFT SPORT ZC33S K14C(TURBO) 17/09- Racing Suction + Piping + Cleaner box 70026-AS002