SUPER AIR FILTER HARRIER Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 70017-AT130





Major compatible vehicles (Refer to the application list for more details)

GR Yaris (GXPA16), RAV4 (MXAA54·MXAA52), HARRIER (MXUA80·MXUA85) and more



■Product measurement



Stock Part Number 17801-25020 / 17801-31131
17801-31130 / 17801-31140
Filter Type M2 Size (70017-AK104)
Package size 290 X 261 X 38


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Stock Part No. Code No. Price Remarks
HARRIER MXUA85 M20A-FKS 20/06- 17801-25020 70017-AT130