86 ZN6

Code No. 70026-AT015



Dry carbon for discerning owners who appreciate the distinction, elevating the engine compartment to a realm of luxury



The use of lightweight, high-strength autoclaved dry carbon material not only enhances the performance but also adds a racy and glamorous touch to the engine compartment. This material is made from prepreg, which involves impregnating carbon fibers with thermosetting resin in advance. The result is a beautiful finish with no fiber distortion, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.





  • This dress-up part serves to cover the genuine fuse box in the engine compartment. It maintains uniformity by utilizing the same twill weave carbon material as used for the engine cover, ensuring a consistent and attractive look throughout the engine compartment.
  • The presence of the HKS logo adorned on the surface adds a subtle but stylish touch to the engine bay. Overall, it's a dress-up accessory that enhances the experience of opening the bonnet and makes it all the more enjoyable by adding a sense of aesthetics to the engine compartment.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
86 ZN6 FA20 12/04 -21/10 70026-AT015