HKS SUPER FIRE RACING (M SERIES) Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 50003-M50HL




HKS is the first to release the high heat range tuning spark plug M12 long reach HEX size 14 for 86, BRZ and GT-R to the market.



  • R35 GT-R stock's heat range is the same as NGK 8, NGK 9 to 86/BRZ, and the new HKS M50HL is the same as NGK 10. It's for a high tuning vehicles.
  • Reinforced by making the outer electrode bigger(see the pictures below). Also could have a steady ignition and ignition speed at a high load and high RPM by putting the center electrode in the middle of the spark plug.
  • Improved the anti-taint property by making thermal edge to prevent the carbon buildup which occurs for the tuned engines.



Spark Plug ignition part (Left: HKS M50HL, right: R35 stock)




* Ensured wide area of combustion by optimizing the position of the outer electrode and central electrode. It has a more efficient flame spread than the normal iridium spark plug.





Spark Plug Type Thread Size Wrench Size Heat Range Product Code No. Price Remarks
HL Type φ12×26.5mm 14mm NGK #10 SUPER FIRE RACING M50HL 50003-M50HL