LA CLUTCH IMPREZA WRX STI Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 26010-AF001




Single Plate Clutch Kit that includes Clutch Disc, Cover, Flywheel for up to 450ps. "MG Composite Disc" eliminates uncomfortable vibration during clutch engagement. Launch controllability and higher torque transfer capacity than metal disc are well balanced. Disc Damper prevents unusual noise from transmission and absorbs shock torque. It protects drive train.




1New "MG Composite Disc"
  • "MG Composite Disc" is composite of Metal fiber and Glass fiber. The newly developed disc has ideal performance of friction coefficient , anti-heat and strength.
  • For street driving, clutch engagement is easy and smooth. For circuit driving, it engages quickly without sliding.
  • Diameter of disc is about 10mm smaller. The low inertia disc protects synchronizer and accepts quick gear change.
2Quick Response

The lightweight Flywheel weighs70%-80% in order to balance smooth engagement operation, quick response and acceleration.

3Strap Drive Mechanism

Clutch cover has Strap Drive Mechanism that eliminates noise while clutch disconnection.
It ensures clutch disconnection.

4Kind Design
  • Bolt On Design. No modification is required.
  • All required parts are included in the kit.
  • No parts to change movement type is required.

It is easy installation and OEM parts are not required.(Replacement of Release Bearing is recommended.)

5Preventing Noise Protecting Drive train

Disc Damper prevents uncomfortable gear noise from transmission.
It absorbs shock torque and protects drive train.



  • Acceptable Range is the range of engine torque that the clutch can be used for except intentional overheating of clutch.
  • Acceptable range by condition is the range that the clutch might slide by rough operation, kick back from tire and distortion of parts etc.
  • Over the limitation is the range that the clutch might slide during clutch engagement at high rpm.
  • Mechanical limitation is the point that sliding starts when accelerated during driving.




■Comparison of LA CLUTCH and stock part
  Impreza GRB Impreza GDB Forester SG9 Legacy Touring Wagon
/Legacy B4
Stock HKS Comparison Stock HKS Comparison Stock HKS Comparison Stock HKS Comparison
Clutch Capacity
680 902 133% 680 902 133% 680 902 133% 680 902 133%
Pedal pressure
125 120 96% 125 134 107% 140 135 96% 145 142 98%
FW weight
8.5 6.3 74% 8.5 6.3 74% 8.6 6.3 73% 8.6 6.3 73%



■Repair parts
Product Code no. Price (w/o tax) Remark
Repair clutch cover 26999-AF001    
Repair clutch disc 26999-AF002    
Repair bolt set 26999-AK004    


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Mission Type Form Flywheel Weight Clutch Type Code No. Price Remarks
IMPREZA WRX STI GRB EJ20 07/10-14/08 Stock 6 speed PULL 6.3kg SINGLE 26010-AF001