HKS GT SUPERCHARGER Complete Kit IS350 Explanation of the product Application chart
IS350 GSE21

Code No. 12001-AT003






  • "HKS GT Supercharger" is a centrifugal supercharger and its drive mechanism is patented planetary traction drive, which is compact, high efficient and enables high speed revolution of the impeller.
  • Because it's Lexus IS350, mechanical noise of supercharger into cabin is eliminated. Stock air cleaner box is used.
  • TOYOTA high performance direct injection engine "2GR-FSE" is managed by special F-CON iS + OSC.
  • The kit is well balanced for "calmness" and "power".
  • No modification of body is required. (Resin cover, duct and some other stock parts need to be modified.)
  • Kit is available as "VAC SET" or "VAC LESS" for people who already have VAC. (VAC is required for the kit.)

* If VAC is installed, re-connect the VAC unit to a connector of F-CON+VAC Harness in the kit.



◆ Fuel consumption
[Fuel consumption with GT Supercharger]
10.9 - 12.2km/L
(Tested) on highway



COMPONENT Complete kit (VAC SET) Complete kit
12001-AT003 12001-AT004
Supercharger Unit (Special 2GR)
Supercharger Bracket
Intercooler (400 x 260 x 65)
Suction Pipe
Chamber Pipe
Relief Valve
Traction Oil Cooler
Traction Oil Tank
Traction Oil
Special F-CON iS + OSC
F-CON Harness
VAC Unit Not Included
Spark Plug Not Included Not Included
Engine Oil Not Included Not Included



◆ Designated parts

Make sure to use the designated parts. Especially stock ECU is normal data.

Complete parts
ECU Stock and Stock data
Cat. converter Stock
Exhaust manifold Stock
Center Pipe Stock
Muffler Stock or HKS LEGAMAX Premium
Super spark plug HKS Super Fire Racing M40IL/M45IL
Engine oil HKS Engine Oil High Temp. Viscosity 40 or more



◆ Confirmed model year

As shown below 5 parts # of stock ECUs are confirmed. Please check the stock ECU product #.


ECU product # and model year: LEXUS IS350 (GSE21)

Model year ECU product # Confirmation
2005/08~2006/07 89661-53620
2006/07~2007/08 89661-53770
2007/08~2008/05 89661-53A60
2008/06~2008/08 89661-53A61
2008/08~ 89661-53C00

●: confirmed ▲: not confirmed

* 2008/12/22



◆ Remarks
  • The maker option of "pre-crash safety system" (millimeter wave radar) loaded car is not compatible.
    * Still we believe that the position of the oil cooler core to the other place, it will probably be fine.
  • Special F-CON iS requires a different program.
  • Installation time : 12 - 16 hours


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
IS350 GSE21 2GR-FSE 05/09-06/07 12001-AT003 * Discontinued. VAC SET(For vehicles not equipped with VAC) Not compatible with vehicles after 06/7.