Complete Kit LS460 Explanation of the product Application chart
LS460 USF40

Code No. 12001-AT005




LEXUS' flagship model LS460. LS460 is equipped with high performance engine & high grade components. HKS developed the GT Supercharger Complete Kit for LS460. This kit can enhance the performance of LS460; torque and high quality engine can achieve its potential to be comparable in 6 litter engines.



  • HKS original GTS8550 best matches the V8 4.6 litters large displacement engine.
  • Carbon air cleaner box, air duct, engine cover, and engine compartment cover are included. These carbon parts improve the engine compartment appearance to be highly impressive. Unwanted intake sound is reduced.
  • Twin F-CON iS with OSC is exclusively programmed for this kit to properly control the high performance engine. Also, VAC is preinstalled to the F-CON iS connecter to achieve full potential.
  • Fuel consumption is about the same as the stock. (10.7km/L during the high speed driving. - Actual measured result from inhouse test)
  • All parts necessary to install the kit are included. (Oil and spark plugs must be prepared separately.)
  • GT Supercharger's warranty is valid for 1 year or 20,000km after installation.




* Engine power is totally-improved, especially the peak power. This improvement made the original engine more torque & high quality engine comparable to 6 litter NA engine.


  Power Torque
Complete kit 427ps/6390rpm 54.9kgf.m/4050rpm
Stock 339ps/6510rpm 45.5kgf.m/3390rpm

* This is in-house test result. The value may vary depending on the measurement instruments.


Without the engine compartment cover.



  • GTS8550 Unit (only for LS460)
  • Intercooler
  • Suction Pipe
  • Chamber Pipe
  • Carbon Air Cleaner Box
  • Carbon Cleaner Duct
  • Carbon Engine Cover
  • Carbon Engine Compartment Cover
  • Modified Factory Maniverter (*)
  • F-CON iS+ OSC for 1UR-FSE
  • F-CON Harness (VAC installed)
  • Pulley
  • Belt
  • Supercharger Bracket 
  • Relief Valve
  • Installation Brackets
  • Supercharger Hardware (*)

* Supercharger Hardware: Fluid Tank, Fluid Cooler, Fluid pipes, Traction Fluid, etc.
* Send the factory maniverter to HKS. We will replace the ceramic CAT with HKS Metal Catalyzer and send it back.
* The modified factory maniverter will have the test certificate.



  • ECU must be the factory ECU and data should no be modified.
  • Replace the spark plugs with higher heat range spark plugs. (e.g. HKS SUPER FIRE RACING M40iL・45iL)
  • If the VAC was already installed, remove it before installation.
  • The factory CAT must be replaced with HKS Metal Catalyzer. Contact your dealer for replacement.
  • Vehicle body modification is required.
  • Average installation time is approximately 22 hours.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
LS460 USF40 1UR-FSE 06/09-09/08 12001-AT005 * Discontinued., Available only through authorized dealers. Compatible with vehicles equipped with radar cruise control.