HKS GT SUPERCHARGER Complete Kit BRZ Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 12001-AT006




The pure FR sport car 86 has a lower center of gravity and handy body size that provides awesome steering performance. And HKS GT SUPERCHARGER will make it even better with exquisite power.



  • The new design of reverse revolution Supercharger (GTS7040L) can have smarter installation layout.
  • Have about 30% more power and torque with this product. (* In-house testing data)
  • The drive in the town would be better because this product can solve the torque problem around 4000RPM of stock vehicle.
  • It has a great performance at the mid to high RPM because more than 25kgf・m (245N・m) at wide range of RPM from 4700rpm to 6800rpm
  • It can use stock D4-S system as it is by using 86 special F-CON iS. (needs some setting)




* The output data is test result of HKS chassis dynamometer.
The results may vary for other device.


  Power Torque
GT Supercharger
Normal 184.7ps


  GT Supercharger System
Supercharger Assy
Supercharger Traction oil
Supercharger Installation Bracket
Suction Pipe + Blow off
Intercooler ASSY
Intercooler Pipe
Other Bracket Parts
ECU (Special F-CON iS)
Spark Plug X



  • It needs resetting for each vehicle because F-CON iS data is initial setting. (base data is cat. converter + HKS muffler)
  • It can't be used with a device such as OB-LINK which uses OBD-II port because F-CON control uses same OBD-II port for data signal.
  • We recommend to use with engine oil cooler and engine oil with high temperature viscosity of #40 or higher. (HKS HR 0W42, Racing Pro 0W40/10W50, etc.)
  • For even more output, fuel pump and injector needs to be bigger capacity.
  • Needs some small modification on bumper reinforcement and radiator support.
  • Approximate installation time is 5 hours.



Complete specified parts
ECU Stock part and data
Cat. converter Stock
Exhaust HKS muffler or stock
Pulg HKS M45HL
Engine oil high temperature viscosity of #40 or higher (HKS HR 0W42/HKS RACING Pro 0W40,10W50, etc.)


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
BRZ ZC6 FA20 12/03- 12001-AT006 * Discontinued. Available through authorized dealer. Need to set for the current vehicle for F-CON iS. AT is not confirmed