Code No. 12001-AH007




Since its introduction, CR-Z is very popular for the world’s first hybrid sport car. HKS tried very hard to develop a supercharger for the hybrid vehicle. And we have adopted HKS famous GT Supercharger which is centrifugal type. It can provide flat torque from the low RPM and have a steady power to the high RPM.




  • A perfect complete kit for CR-Z which HKS original design of GTS 4015 Supercharger was adopted.
  • All necessary installation parts are included in the Complete Kit. Installation of the kit enables the engine output to increase to 200ps/170ps.
  • Pro Kit consists of everything except the F-CON iS + OSC of the Complete Kit.
  • By using with Fuel Upgrade Kit together, you can upgrade from STEP 1 to STEP 2.
  • No modification to the engine is necessary if the engine output is increased up to 200ps. (However, it is recommended to use HKS engine upgrade parts for race use.)
  • The kits are not applicable on vehicles equipped with a automatic transmission.






  Power Torque
S/C Pro + Fuel up + Flash 185ps 25.1kg-m
S/C Pro + Flash 152ps 22.6kg-m
Normal 143ps 19.1kg-m

* These are results of in-house test. Results may vary depending on measuring instruments.



【Notes for Installation of Complete Kits】

  • The factory ECU must have the standard data.
  • Replace the spark plugs with NGK#8 or equivalent. It’s recommended to use HKS Super Fire Racing M40i.
  • High octane gasoline must be used
  • Since the factory washer tank is removed to install the kit, DENSO Washer Assy (160200-5070) or similar item may be required.
  • Average required installation time is 6 to 8 hours.


Required Parts for Installation
ECU Factory ECU w/ Standard Data
CAT Factory CAT
Exhaust HKS SILENT Hi-Power or Factory
Spark Plug HKS M40i or higher heat range spark plug
E/G oil SUPER OIL Premium 0W25 or 7.5W35



【Complete Parts】

  Complete Step2 Complete Step1 Pro Kit Fuel Up
Supercharger Assy ×
S/C Oil system ×
S/C installation bracket ×
Suction Pipe + Blow off ×
Intercooler ASSY ×
Intercooler Pipe ×
Other Bracket ×
F-CON iS+OSC × ×
Injectors × ×
Restrictor φ34mm φ28mm φ28mm φ34mm



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year S/C SIZE Code No. Manual Remarks
CR-Z ZF1 LEA-MF6 10/02 -12/09 GTS4015HP 12001-AH007 It needs setting for each vehicle using ECU.For Fuel upgrade kit (14007-AH003) setting.