HKS GT SUPERCHARGER Pro Kit CR-Z Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 12001-AH008







“HKS Supercharger System for Honda CR-Z” has been highly praised since it was released five years ago.
The Pro Kit is now available for higher engine output. “Over 250PS” is feasible with the upgraded engine.
An Upgrade Kit is also available for those who already installed the current kits.






  • HKS GTS7040 which was originally used for the Max Speed Project is included.
  • Output of 157HP can be achieved with the stock I/J, and with the Fuel Upgrade kit and an engine control device, it can exceed 200HP.
  • Modification of the engine is not required up to 200HP.(For high load driving such as circuit driving, it is recommended to upgrade the engine parts with HKS products.)
  • Over 250PS is achievable with the upgraded engine internals.



○Output Performance ・・・

The engine output increases by approx.60ps, and torque increases by 5kg・m compared to the stock engine!!

(Test Vehicle: CR-Z(ZF1) MT)

  Power Torque
New S/C kit + Fuel up + Flash 149kw (203ps) / 6300rpm 247N・m (25.2kg・m) / 5000rpm
New S/C kit + Flash 115kw (157ps) / 5700rpm 217N・m (22.2kg・m) / 4300rpm
Normal 106kw (145ps) / 6200rpm 200N・m (20.4kg・m) / 2500rpm

* These are results of in-house test. Results may vary depending on measuring instruments.

* For the power graph, please refer to the attached sheet.


〇Installation of this kit has only slight effect on fuel economy!!





HKS CR- ZF-1 Spec Sheet
Products Remarks
Plug HKS M40i 50003-M40i
Oil HKS Racing Pro 5W-30 52001-AK071
Oil Filter HYBRID FILTER 52009-AK001
Blow-off HKS STD BLOW-OFF 12001-AH008
Airflow Sensor STOCK  
Airflow Adapter HKS 12001-AH008
MAP Sensor STOCK  
Electronics HKS AFK 44006-AK003
I/C HKS 400x128x65 12001-AH008
S/C HKS GTS7040 12001-AH008
S/C Pulley HKS φ90 12001-AH008
Suction HKS 150-80 Red 12001-AH008
Oil Cooler HKS CORE 15006-AK006 9-layer
Attachment HKS S-Type 2599-SA008
Oil Hose HKS HOSE + FITTING 90°x4, Approx.1100mmx2
Injector HKS 300cc 14007-AH003
Fuel Pump STOCK  
Piston STOCK  
Con'rod STOCK  
Head Gasket STOCK  
Crankshaft STOCK  
Transmission STOCK  
Clutch HKS LA CLUTCH 26010-AH001
Suspension HKS MAX IV GT 80230-AH002
Exhaust Manifold HKS METAL CATALYZER 33005-AH003
Front Pipe HKS METAL CATALYZER 33005-AH003
Exhaust System HKS SILENT HI-POWER 32016-AH030



  • The output shown in these graphs are based on our in-house tests by Dyno Jet.
  • This kit's output is adjusted by the intake restrictor.
  • During the tests, the φ38.5mm, φ42mm, and φ50mm restrictors were used besides the provided φ27mm and φ34mm restrictors to compare the results.
  • During the in-house tests, the injectors included in Fuel Upgrade Kit full duty at approximately 0.75k~0.8k boost. (Boost pressure may vary depending on the vehicle's specifications.)




* All necessary installation parts are included in the kit. (An engine control part is not included.)


○Kit Parts

Large Capacity Injectors

Restrictor (φ34)


Data suitable for the performance of this kit is available.
To use Flash Editor with this kit, the initialization tool (USB) included in the kit must be used.
The following is the applicable ID as of July, 2015:
ECU ID: RTW3090M1 & RTWJ050M1

※This product was designed on a JDM vehicle and has not yet been tested in other markets.


  Pro kit Upgrade Fuel Up Flash
Supercharger Assy × ×
Supercharger Oil System × × ×
Supercharger Bracket × ×
Suction Pipe × ×
Intercooler Assembly × × ×
Intercooler Pipe + Blow off × × ×
Others handware × × ×
Engine Control System × × × ×
Restrictor φ27mm φ27+34mm φ34mm ×


Required Items
CAT HKS or Stock
Exhaust System HKS or Stock
Spark Plug HKS M40i or higher
Engine Oil SUPER OIL Premium 0W25 or 7.5W35



【Notes Prior to Installation】
  • Replace the spark plugs with higher heat range. (It's recommended to use HKS Super Fire Racing M40i or higher.)
  • High octane gasoline must be used.
  • Since the factory washer tank must be removed to install this kit, DENSO washer tank (160200-5070) or a similar item may be required.
  • Estimated installation time is 6 to 8 hours.
  • The noise may exceed the local legal regulation level depending on the exhaust system used.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
CR-Z ZF1 LEA-MF6 10/02-12/08 12002-AH002   Compatibility with ZF2 has not been confirmed. Compatible with CVT, but for more peak power, 12001-AH007 is recommended.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
CR-Z ZF1 LEA-MF6 10/02-12/08 14007-AH003   Fuel Upgrade kit ZF1 for GTSC


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
CR-Z ZF1 LEA-MF6 10/02-12/08 42015-AH002   Need Windows computer(XP or 7) and USB cable(A to mini B) for initial setting.

※This product was designed on a JDM vehicle and has not yet been tested in other markets.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year S/C SIZE Code No. Price Remarks
CR-Z   ZF1 LEA-MF6 10/02-12/09 GTS7040 12001-AH008 * Discontinued.